Homelessness Week 2019

07 Aug 2019

homeless girl sitting on the footpath with her head in her hands

One in 200 people in Australia will be homeless tonight. Remaining safe, healthy and socially connected are enormous challenges for those without a home; entering higher education is no doubt a pipe dream.

Homelessness Week raises awareness of the many issues faced by those experiencing homelessness, and the action needed to achieve enduring solutions.

UAC is committed to being part of the solution by supporting university access programs for people who have faced long-term educational disadvantages, including homelessness. These schemes address the specific issues faced by the homeless applying for tertiary courses, such as self-care and financial hardship.

Homelessness in Australia has increased 13.7% in five years to 116,427 people. Those aged 12–24 make up 25% of this number. (ABS Census, 2016)

Explore the wide range of disadvantages addressed by UAC's access schemes and scholarships and follow the step-by-step guides to applying: Educational Access Schemes / Equity Scholarships.