Are you ATAR ready?

06 Dec 2018

To access your ATAR you'll need to log in to UAC's website or the My UAC app. You'll need your Year 12 student number (or UAC application number) and your UAC PIN.

Can't find them? Here's what to do.

Your Year 12 student number is printed on your School Certificate Record of Achievement and your school keeps a record of it. You can also call the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) on 1300 13 83 23.

Your UAC PIN can be sent to you if you've applied for tertiary study through UAC. Access the application login page to have it sent to your email address. Or contact UAC.

Your UAC application number is printed on your Confirmation of Application documents. You can also call us.

UAC and NESA cannot give your PIN or application numbers to anyone other than you, so we'll do ID checks. UAC's always extremely busy when ATARs are released, so if you need to contact us about your UAC PIN or application number we recommend you do it now.