Free ATAR download: time's running out

26 Feb 2021

Female student smiles at camera while holding phone and laptop

If you were one of the around 55,000 NSW students who received an ATAR last year, don’t miss out on getting your free ATAR Advice Notice. Download and save it now – after 14 March you’ll need to buy it for $58 through the UAC Shop.

Download your 2020 ATAR Advice Notice

Did you know?

Your ATAR can’t be altered or faked.

Each Advice Notice comes with a unique verification link. Save the link – and your Year 12 student number – and you’ll be able to access your ATAR whenever you like for years to come.

And if you ever need to provide your official result to a third party, such as a college or employer, they can quickly and easily verify it using the same link, your Year 12 student number and your date of birth.

Your 2020 ATAR in context

It's important to remember that the ATAR tells you about where you're placed among your cohort (your rank); it's not a mark out of 100 or a percentage. Its only purpose is to help universities select students for their courses.

Of the 54,894 NSW students who received an ATAR in 2020:

  • only 46 students (less than 1%) received an ATAR of 99.95
  • 50.3% received an ATAR of at least 70.00
  • 65.6% received an ATAR of at least 60.00.

Want some more stats? Download the Preliminary Report on the Scaling of the 2020 NSW HSC.