Final offers for semester 1 courses are on their way

23 Jan 2020

Institutions have released their January Round 2 offers to undergraduate applicants. We're now on the home straight: progressively smaller numbers of offers will be made in February and early March for courses that still have vacancies.


Offer round Apply and pay by midnight on Provide hardcopy documents by 4.30pm / upload PDF documents by midnight on Change preferences by midnight on Offers released at 7.30am on
February Round 1 Fri 24 Jan 2020 Thu 30 Jan 2020 Sun 2 Feb 2020 Thu 6 Feb 2020
February Round 2 Fri 7 Feb 2020 Fri 7 Feb 2020 Sun 9 Feb 2020 Thu 13 Feb 2020
March Round 1 Fri 7 Feb 2020 Fri 28 Feb 2020 Sun 1 Mar 2020 Thu 5 Mar 2020


Got an offer to your number 1 course

That's great! Go ahead and accept it and follow the uni's instructions for enrolment.

Got an offer but it's not to your preferred course
  • Accept the offer. 
  • Move the offered course to the bottom of your preference list (or remove it altogether).
  • Ask the institution if there are still vacancies for your preferred course and lock in your preferences for February Round 1 offers by midnight on Sunday 2 February. 

If you get an offer to your preferred course in February Round 1, you can:

  • accept the new offer
  • withdraw your acceptance of the first offer (this will free up your place in the course for someone else).
Haven't received any offers yet
  • Reassess your preferences. Are they courses for which your ATAR should meet the lowest required selection rank?
  • Consider including a diploma course in your preference list. They usually require a lower selection rank than bachelor degrees in the same subject area and, if you do well in your first year, you can often transfer to the second year of the related bachelor degree.
  • Ask the institutions if there are still vacancies for your preferred courses and lock in your preferences for February Round 1 offers by midnight on Sunday 2 February.
  • In your application, make sure you have selected 'Yes' to the question asking you if you'd like to receive information about alternative study options. This will allow institutions to contact you about other courses.

Haven't applied for any courses yet

It’s not too late, but only a few courses will still have vacancies.

Before you apply, check with the relevant institutions to make sure there are still places in the courses that interest you.

Applications close at midnight on Friday 7 February.