EAS is now online

27 Jul 2018

UAC is continuing to work with the NSW Department of Education to increase Educational Access Schemes application rates from schools with historically low numbers of applications. 

For the first time this year, EAS applications are going online and will become part of a student’s UAC application. Once students have submitted their undergraduate application, they’ll have the option to immediately access the EAS application via the ‘Apply for EAS’ button, or they can log back in to their undergraduate application at any time to apply for EAS.

Applicants will be able to download the necessary forms, including the Educational Impact Statement (EIS) form to give to their school, and then upload their completed application when done.

Some schools prefer to submit their completed EIS forms directly to UAC. It’s important for those schools to know that once we have uploaded an EIS form that has been provided by a school to the respective student’s application, the student will be able to view the EIS in ‘Manage’.