EAS is here to help

07 Jun 2021

Three students in a classroom looking at a mobile phone

The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) can help applicants who have experienced significant educational disadvantage receive an offer to university.

In essence, EAS could boost your selection rank to a course if circumstances beyond your control have negatively impacted your Year 11 or 12 or equivalent studies.

'We understand that life can be hard sometimes and this can impact study,' said Adam Hennessy from UAC's Access team.

'If you have been disadvantaged in Year 11 and/or 12 (or equivalent), please apply for EAS. We are here to listen and help.'

You can apply right away with EAS applications open now.

Once you've finished your undergraduate application, you'll see a link to apply for EAS. You can also apply any time you log back in to your application. Just use the tab at the top of the application.

Here are some general guidelines that are important for EAS:

  • The disadvantage must be outside of your choice and control.
  • Generally, the disadvantages must have lasted 6 months up to 31 October 2021.
  • The disadvantage must have occurred in Year 11 and/or 12 or equivalent.
  • Documentation supporting your application is essential to the assessment process and is outlined in the document packages.
  • Applications won't be assessed without uploaded supporting evidence.

For current Year 12 students, please have your EAS applications completed by 22 November 2021 to ensure you receive an eligibility letter. UAC will release eligibility letters on 11 December 2021.

EAS key dates

Date Event
22 November 2021

Closing date for EAS applications for December Round 2
Apply and provide documents for EAS by midnight to:

  • receive your eligibility letter prior to December Round 2
  • have it considered in December Round 2 offers.
11 December 2021

Eligibility letters released for December Round 2
EAS eligibility letters released progressively to all applicants with finalised assessment for December Round 2.

24 December 2021Closing date for EAS applications for January Round 1

Apply and provide documents for EAS by midnight to have your application considered in January Round 1.

4 February 2022Closing date for EAS applications for semester 1, 2022

Apply and provide documents for EAS by midnight to have your application considered for semester 1, 2022 admissions.