​Early bird and SRS applications are closing soon

06 Sep 2018

Early bird applications are closing

The processing charge for applying for university through UAC depends on when students apply. The early bird charge of $70 ends at midnight on Friday 28 September so remind your students to apply by then. After this date the fee reverts to the standard processing charge of $200.

Even if they’re not sure of their courses by this date, they can apply and then change their course preferences as many times as they wish – for free!

SRS applications are closing

Applications for the Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) close at midnight on Friday 28 September.

Schools then need to rate their students by Wednesday 10 October. Be aware that this date falls in the school holidays.

If you have any queries about SRS, the new email address is The email addresses: and are no longer being used.

Read our article on how one school handles SRS. 

Other important application dates

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