Course Compass is live!

12 Nov 2018

Finished Year 12 and still deciding which uni course to apply for? Sometimes it can be really helpful to find out what other people have done. Now you can do just that - answer a few quick questions about your academic background and the new Course Compass tool will display the fields of study offered to recent applicants just like you.

Dana, a Year 12 student, entered her HSC courses and estimated ATAR range and found that her plans for uni and her Course Compass results aligned; but try it yourself – you might be surprised by what you find.

You can also drill down to institutions offering courses that might suit you and head to specific course descriptions.

Dana agrees that it’s a great tool for students tossing up between very different uni paths.

Course Compass is ‘straightforward and informative’, she says. And most useful? A list of courses that broadened her knowledge of available options.

Course Compass is easy, intuitive and visually clean, which made me want to use it.

What’s more, there’ll be a post-ATAR version available in December so you’ll be able to enter your exact ATAR and get results that are even better tailored to you.

Get started on your path to uni – try Course Compass now!

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