Undergraduate applications and offers

December Round 2 offers

UAC will release offers to NSW HSC students the week after ATARs are released, in December Round 2 on Thursday 20 December. You'll need your UAC application number and PIN to access your offers.

Interstate Year 12 and IB students

December Round 2 offers will be made to Year 12 students whose results are available in time for inclusion, primarily NSW HSC and ACT Year 12 students.

Other Australian Year 12 students and IB students whose results are not available in time will not be disadvantaged: their results will be considered in January Round 1 and January Round 2.

New Zealand NCEA Level 3 students

Applicants who have completed their NCEA Level 3 exams in 2018 will receive their offers on Tuesday 15 January, the same day NCEA results are released. 

Excluded courses

Offers will be made to all courses in December Round 2, except for:


  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies and Economics)
  • Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Affairs
  • Bachelor of Health Science


  • Bachelor of Medical Science (MD Provisional Entry for School Leavers)
  • Bachelor of Dental Health Science

The final closing date for both courses is 28 December 2018. Preferences must be included by this date to be considered for an offer. Some additional programs may only be offered in January. Contact Griffith University for more information.


  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science 


  • Bachelor of Midwifery


  • Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program)


  • Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine
  • UNSW Preparation Program 17-20 (Arts and Social Sciences)
  • UNSW Preparation Program 17-20 (Business)

Offers to the courses listed above will be made in January Round 1 (Friday 11 January) and January Round 2 (Friday 25 January).

If your preferences include only these courses you will not get an offer in December Round 2. If you are trying to get an offer in December Round 2, your preference list must include at least one course that is being offered in that round.

Be careful if you decide to remove any of the courses listed above from your preference list, as some institutions may require you to keep the course as a preference until offers are made. If you are able to remove any of these courses from your preference list for December Round 2, but want them to be considered for January Round 1, make sure you put them back in your preference list by the deadline for January Round 1 preference changes - midnight on Sunday 6 January 2019.

If you receive an offer

If you receive an offer in December Round 2, accept that offer. You can then change your preferences for consideration in January Round 1. If you receive an offer in January Round 1 to a course that you prefer, you can then accept that offer and withdraw from the previous offer.

Receiving offers and re-ordering your preferences.

Special instructions about your preferences

For some courses, institutions have special requirements that you must follow to be eligible to receive an offer. Make sure you follow any special instructions carefully, and contact the institution if you’re not sure what to do.

Important dates

ATARs for NSW HSC students released     Friday 14 December
Finalise preferences for December Round 2    Sunday 16 December
December Round 2 offers released  Thursday 20 December
Finalise preferences for January Round 1 Sunday 6 January
January Round 1 offers released Friday 11 January
Finalise preferences for January Round 2Monday 21 January
January Round 2 offers released   Friday 25 January

Got a question about December Round 2?

Read our FAQs for Year 12 students about preferences and offers.