January Round 1 offers FAQ

Here are answers to questions Year 12 students might have about January Round 1 offers.

If you have questions regarding your offer contact the institution directly. The institutions decide who they'll make offers to. UAC doesn't select applicants or have the power to persuade institutions to make a particular offer or to question decisions made by institutions.

What if I haven't received any offers after January Round 1?

If you haven't received any offers after January Round 1, we'll send you an explanatory letter. Once you have read the letter, contact the relevant institution for further advice on your study options. UAC cannot give you any more information than that contained in the letter.

If courses still have places available, universities will make further offers in January Round 2 on Wednesday 31 January. Once you've spoken to the university about your study options, lock in your preferences for January Round 2 by midnight on Wednesday 24 January.

How to change your preferences

I didn't get an offer in January Round 1. Why didn't I receive an unsuccessful letter?

You won't receive an unsuccessful letter if you received an offer in any round up to and including January Round 1.

However, if you log in to your application and check your preferences, you'll see a message explaining the status of your assessment for each preference. If this message is 'Eligible – subject to being competitive' but you didn't receive an offer to that course, it means that there were other applicants who were more competitive than you and they were offered places in that course ahead of you.

Will cut-offs change in January Round 2?

Cut-offs can increase or decrease. Some institutions may have already set the lowest cut-off they will accept for courses, so there may only be a slight chance of more offers being made at a lower cut-off.

Can I get more than one offer?

Yes. While you can only get one offer per offer round, you can get different offers in different rounds. Once you receive an offer and accept it, you need to remove that course from your list or move it to the end of your preference list to allow other courses to be considered in the next offer round.

How to receive multiple offers: a flowchart

How to re-order your preferences between offer rounds

Can I still apply to study at university in semester 1, 2018?

Yes. Applications for semester 1 courses close on Monday 5 February 2018. However, there may only be a limited number of courses with places still available at this time. Contact the relevant institution to check course availability.

Applications for semester 2 courses remain open until Thursday 12 July 2018.