Changing your preferences FAQ

You can't change your courses by telephone, letter, fax or email.

How do I change my course preferences?

You can add, delete, or change the order of your courses using Check & Change.

There is no UAC charge to change your preferences.

Check & Change is available between 7.30am and midnight (Sydney local time).

Can I include any course when I change my preferences?

Some courses have early closing dates. This means that you must have the course as a preference by the closing date. Check the course descriptions, available through the course search for early closing dates.

Make sure your preferences have semester 2 start dates. Reselect your preferences if necessary.

Does the order of my preferences matter?

Yes, put the course preferences in the order you'd most like them to be considered. Put the course you'd most like to do first, then the course you'd next prefer to do, and so on. This is because during the selection process, your course preferences are considered one at a time in the order in which you've listed them on your application.

If you're not selected for your first course preference you'll be considered equally with all other eligible applicants for your second course preference and so on.

Note that in some offer rounds, only first preferences (or only consecutive preferences at the same institution) are considered. Also, not all applicants are considered in each offer round, and not all institutions make offers in each round.

For more information read offers and the selection process faq.

Can I choose courses that start in semester 1 and semester 2?

Your preferences can include any courses starting in late 2013, semester 1 2014 and the second half of 2014. Remember that your application will remain valid throughout the admissions period.

If there is more than one start date for a course, you will need to select your preferred start date. You can apply for the same course with multiple start dates; however, each start date is considered a new preference.

Make sure your preferences have semester 2 start dates. Reselect your preferences if necessary.

What are the deadlines for changing my preferences?

You can add, delete or change the order of your preferences as many times as you like during the periods shown below.

Change of preferences are accepted for:

September Round 1 midnight Tue 3 Sep 2013
September Round 2 midnight Tue 24 Sep 2013
October Round midnight Tue 22 Oct 2013
November Round midnight Tue 12 Nov 2013
December Round midnight Tue 3 Dec 2013
January Round 1 midnight Wed 1 Jan 2014
Main Round (January Round 2) midnight Sat 4 Jan 2014
January Round 3 midnight Thu 23 Jan 2014
February Round 1 midnight Fri 31 Jan 2014
February Round 2 midnight Mon 10 Feb 2014
February Round 3 midnight Mon 17 Feb 2014
February Round 4 midnight Mon 24 Feb 2014
March Round midnight Mon 10 Mar 2014
April Round midnight Mon 31 Mar 2014
May Round 1 midnight Mon 5 May 2014
May Round 2 midnight Mon 19 May 2014
June Round 1 midnight Mon 9 Jun 2014
June Round 2 midnight Mon 23 Jun 2014
July Round 1 midnight Mon 30 Jun 2014
July Round 2 midnight Mon 14 Jul 2014
July Round 3 midnight Fri 18 Jul 2014

Can someone change my preferences for me?

Yes, but you must provide UAC with authority for someone to act on your behalf.

If you didn't already do this when you applied, write to UAC and include your UAC application number, name and signature and the signature of the person you're authorising to act on your behalf.

Address postal correspondence to:

Locked Bag 112
Silverwater NSW 2128

Does it cost anything to change preferences?

No, changing your preferences is free.

How many times can I change preferences?

You can change your preferences as many times as you like.

Do I have to change preferences between each offer round?

If you receive an offer to your first preference in one offer round, but you would like to be considered for your lower preferences in subsequent offer rounds, you need to change the order of your preferences.

Make sure your preferences have semester 2 start dates. Reselect your preferences if necessary.

If you'd like to be considered for other courses, you need to remove your first preference and put your new preferred course as your first preference before the closing date for the next offer round. Read key dates for closing dates.

If you receive an offer to a lower preference in an offer round, you will automatically be considered for your higher preference in subsequent rounds.

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