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B Theology

University of Newcastle

CampusType of
UAC codePattern of attendance 2013 cut-offStart dateMajor offer round
Newcastle – Callaghan CSP  481100  3F/EqP 63.50 3 Mar 2014
28 Jul 2014
16 Jan 2014
11 Jun 2014

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Major studies: Theology (the beliefs and practices of the major world religions including their ethics, politics, history, sacred scriptures and doctrines). Minor studies: Students may complete electives from a broad range of humanities and liberal arts disciplines such as classics, history, philosophy, sociology and anthropology.

Professional recognition: It will provide an academic foundation for students intending to enter priestly ministry or similar vocations, although to do so they will need to complete other professional accreditation and training requirements which are not part of this degree.

Career opportunities: Examples include religious ministry, chaplaincy, youth ministry, healthcare work, welfare, and religious teaching in schools and other educational organisations.

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