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B Mathematics/B Science 1

University of Newcastle

CampusType of
UAC codePattern of attendance 2013 cut-offStart dateMajor offer round
Newcastle – Callaghan CSP  480680  4F/EqP 87.15 3 Mar 2014 16 Jan 2014

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Refer to 480660 B Mathematics and 480770 B Science.

Additional information: In order to ensure that core disciplinary content for both awards is undertaken, this combined degree program is highly structured. For details, visit

High-achieving students often choose to combine studies in mathematics with a major in a science discipline. This is valuable both for those whose primary interest is the science discipline, since all sciences ultimately rely on mathematical models; and for those interested in mathematics, because many important ideas and problems in mathematics have been developed for applications in the sciences. This would be an excellent pathway to a research career in mathematics, astrophysics, geophysics, and many other exciting but specialised areas.

1. As not all majors in B Science are available in a combined degree, the selection of majors within B Science with B Mathematics is subject to approval.

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