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B Mathematics

University of Newcastle

CampusType of
UAC codePattern of attendance 2013 cut-offStart dateMajor offer round
Newcastle – Callaghan CSP  480660  3F/EqP 85.80 3 Mar 2014
28 Jul 2014
16 Jan 2014
11 Jun 2014

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Assumed knowledge: Mathematics or equivalent.

Recommended studies: HSC Mathematics Extension 1 or equivalent. If you have limited knowledge in this subject you should enrol in a bridging course offered by the University's English Language and Foundation Studies Centre before you start the program. Read 'Bridging courses' for further information.

Major studies: Applied mathematics, pure mathematics, statistics, or studies in mathematics and statistics.

Honours: A further year of full-time (or part-time equivalent) study to obtain an honours degree is available to high-achieving students. Honours is highly regarded by potential employers and provides entry into a research career.

Career opportunities: Examples include positions in bioinformatics, biotechnology, communications, computer-related enterprises, engineering, insurance, international finance, logistics and strategic planning, the mining and energy sectors, management, manufacturing industries, merchant banking, medical and health research.

Additional information: B Mathematics is a flexible program that enables you to develop mathematical skills and combine them with other disciplines.

There are two possible pathways into the degree. The preferred pathway is for students who have completed HSC Mathematics Extension 1 (Performance Band 4) or equivalent to enrol in the advanced first-year studies in MATH1210 and MATH1220. The alternative pathway for students without this level of performance is to undertake MATH1110, MATH1120 and MATH1510. Both pathways lead to the full range of second and third-year Mathematics courses.

There is an opportunity to take an accelerated program and complete the program one semester early for students with an ATAR of at least 96.00 and a result in Performance Band 4 for HSC Mathematics Extension 2. The program is very flexible and enables you to equip yourself with a high level of mathematical skill while tailoring the degree to meet your future career intentions.

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