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B Laws (Combined Degrees) 1

B Aboriginal Professional Practice/B Laws
B Arts/B Laws
B Business/B Laws
B Commerce/B Laws
B Communication/B Laws
B Science/B Laws
B Social Science/B Laws

University of Newcastle

CampusType of
UAC codePattern of attendance 2013 cut-offStart dateMajor offer round
Newcastle – Callaghan CSP  480640  5F 90.35 3 Mar 2014 16 Jan 2014

For information about when you'll need to apply to be considered in each offer round refer to UAC applications and offer round dates. Check the course search for the most recent final closing date.

Assumed knowledge: For Law: None. For non-Law degree: Refer to 480015 B Aboriginal Professional Practice, 480030 B Arts, 480110 B Business, 480150 B Commerce, 480175 B Communication, 480770 B Science or 480870 Social Science.

Major studies: Law, plus majors from the relevant combination degree entries.

Practical experience: Students enrolled in the Professional Program undertake 180 hours of placements with legal practitioners, and simulated exercises, in each of their two final years.

Honours: For non-Law degree: May also be available as an additional year (or part-time equivalent) to meritorious students.

Professional recognition: This is an accredited law school for the purpose of admission to practise law in NSW.

Career opportunities: Examples include legal practice and employment in corporate administration, government departments, accountancy firms, merchant banking and management consultancy firms.

Additional information: Both degrees can be completed in five years of full-time study as the Law courses completed in the first three years count towards both degrees.

During the first three years, students complete four courses (the core program) and a designated number of courses for the second degree. The core program includes legal system and method, criminal law and procedure, torts and contracts. For the final two years of the program, only law courses in either the B Laws (LLB) Program or the B Laws/DipLegPrac (the Professional Program) are undertaken.

The B Laws Program is designed for students wanting a general education in law. It has a limited clinical component. Students who complete this program must also complete postgraduate professional training approved by the Legal Profession Admission Board to meet requirements to practise as a lawyer.

Alternatively, the Professional Program merges traditional legal education with skills training and practical legal experience. Students who complete this program will receive a Diploma of Legal Practice as well as the B Laws degree. They will not have to complete postgraduate professional training or a period of practical legal experience before practising as a solicitor.

Admission to the Professional Program will be on a competitive basis and selection is based entirely on academic merit in the core program courses with at least three of the four courses being completed at Newcastle. Enrolment in the Professional Program is available on a full-time basis only.

Graduates wishing to study law should refer to the degree entry for 480650 B Laws (Graduate Entry).

1 The B Commerce component does not include accountancy accreditation without additional courses being undertaken.

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