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B Environmental Science and Management

University of Newcastle

CampusType of
UAC codePattern of attendance 2013 cut-offStart dateMajor offer round
Newcastle – Callaghan CSP  480570  3F/EqP 68.85 3 Mar 2014
28 Jul 2014
16 Jan 2014
11 Jun 2014
Central Coast – Ourimbah CSP  480572  3F/EqP 68.00 3 Mar 2014
28 Jul 2014
16 Jan 2014
11 Jun 2014

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Recommended studies: Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics. If you have limited knowledge in these subjects you should enrol in bridging courses offered by the University's English Language and Foundation Studies Centre before you start the program. Read 'Bridging courses'.

Major studies: Earth systems, ecosystems and biodiversity, marine science, sustainability.

Practical experience: Fieldwork is a focus of the degree program and includes visits to mining areas, national parks, urban developments, major waterways and other environmental 'hot spots' in the region. There are also opportunities to undertake work placement in your final year.

Honours: A further year of full-time (or part-time equivalent) study to obtain an honours degree is available to high-achieving students. Honours is highly regarded by potential employers and provides entry into a research career.

Career opportunities: Examples include research in climate, soil science, water, and conservation of flora and fauna in agencies such as the CSIRO, the Australian Antarctic Division, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), and universities; environmental management in government regulatory units such as the Office of Environment and Heritage, forestry, electricity, water resources, soil conservation, National Parks and Wildlife and local government; international aid and development projects through international agencies; preparing environmental impact statements for government and other bodies as a private consultant. There are numerous environmental-consulting practices both nationally and internationally.

Additional information: Our degree is inspired by contemporary themes in environmental science and sustainable resource management. You will be exposed to a full range of topics underpinned by a strong link between theory and practice as our aim is to develop environmental professionals who are equipped to help manage and sustain our environment for future generations. Environmental management courses are carefully woven into the program, meaning that you can study both the science and its management concurrently.

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