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Important dates

Course starts
The date teaching starts. There may be several start dates listed.

Main closing date
Apply by the main closing date listed to be guaranteed consideration of your application. Applications made after the main closing date are considered subject to the availability of places.

There may be multiple main closing dates if there is more than one start date listed.

Final closing date
This is the final closing date for applications to this course. However, most offers will have already been made by this date. Applicants are advised to apply by the main closing date.

There may be multiple final closing dates if there is more than one start date listed.

Fee types

CSP = Commonwealth-supported place with HECS-HELP available
DFEE = Domestic fee-paying place with FEE-HELP available
C3F = Three years Commonwealth-supported, fourth year fee-paying place
CBF = Combination of Commonwealth-supported place and domestic fee-paying place
 = Commonwealth-supported place with no student contribution
ADF = Sponsored by Australian Defence Force
VET = Domestic fee-paying place with VET Student Loans available
OTH = Domestic fee-paying place with no government loan scheme

Previous cut-off

The cut-off from the January 2017 round or the projected cut-off for 2018. Use these cut-offs as a guide when deciding on your preferences. Cut-offs for 2017–18 admissions won't be known until offers are made.

Cut-offs are not available for all courses. Reasons include:

N/A = selection criteria other than ATAR is used; or course not offered to 2017 Year 12 applicants
A+C = combination of ATAR and additional selection criteria used
n/o = no offers made in 2017, no cut-off available
nc = new course
U/C = unrestricted course entry
AD = Apply Direct course (apply directly to the institution), no cut-off available