In general terms, the cut-off for a course shows you the minimum selection rank needed by the majority of Year 12 applicants when offers were made in 2014.

Your selection rank is your ATAR plus any bonus points you are awarded.

The interaction of three factors determines cut-offs:

  • the number of places available in the course
  • the number of applicants for the course
  • the quality of those applicants.

These three factors mean that cut-offs change from year to year and are impossible to predict before applicants are selected for a particular course in a particular admissions period. The cut-offs for any course can rise, fall or remain the same from year to year.

Cut-offs for 2014–15 admissions won’t be known until selection is actually made during the offer rounds.

The undergraduate course search shows the cut-offs that Year 12 applicants needed for entry into each course in 2014 or projected cut-offs that may be required for selection in 2015. Use these cut-offs as a guide when deciding on your preferences.

Offers to applicants who have an ATAR (or equivalent) below the cut-off

Institutions have alternative pathway schemes for admission, which may allow you to receive an offer to a course even with an ATAR below the cut-off.

Remember that your ATAR does not change or increase, even if you receive an offer to a course with a higher cut-off.

The schemes offered by the institutions differ and include those listed below. As well as using the following links, you can refer to each institution's entry for more information about the schemes offered.

Alternative entry schemes

Most UAC institutions provide alternative entry.

Schools Recommendation Schemes

Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) enable schools to recommend 2014 Year 12 students who have applied for tertiary study through UAC for early offers of undergraduate admission. The aim of SRS is to facilitate access to higher education for current Year 12 students, some of whom might otherwise not be offered a place.

Early offer schemes

Some institutions have early offer schemes for Year 12 students. Through these schemes, Year 12 applicants may be selected for courses independently of their final Year 12 results on the basis of a range of criteria, including recommendations provided by schools/colleges.

Performance in relevant subjects – bonus points

Some institutions will apply subject bonus points to your admission rank in recognition of your performance in Year 12 subjects relevant to your chosen course of tertiary study.

Regional schemes – bonus points

Some institutions will apply regional bonus points to your admission rank if you live in or undertake your Year 12 schooling in a certain area.

Educational Access Schemes

Most institutions have an Educational Access Scheme (EAS) for applicants who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage.