Selecting and changing course preferences

In your application, you can select up to five courses from those listed in the course search. Check the course updates for up-to-date lists of new and cancelled courses.

If there is more than one start date for a course, you'll need to select your preferred start date. You can apply for the same course with multiple start dates; however, each start date counts as a separate preference.

Most undergraduate courses are Commonwealth-supported place or domestic fee-paying courses. Read about the different types of courses and their costs.

Preference order

Take some time to think about the courses you’ve chosen, and which of them you’d most like to do. First on the list should be the course you’d most like to do, followed by your second preference, then third, fourth and fifth preferences.

If you’re not selected for your first preference, you’ll be considered equally with all other eligible applicants for your second preference and so on.

Your chance of being selected for a course is not decreased because you placed it as a lower order preference. Similarly, you won’t be selected for a course just because you entered that course as a higher order preference.

Anna, James and Sarah all applied for B Accounting. Anna put it as her fourth preference, while James and Sarah listed it as their first preference. Anna missed out on offers to her first, second and third preferences but was a more competitive candidate for B Accounting than both James and Sarah. So, Anna received an offer to B Accounting (her fourth preference) while James and Sarah did not, despite them listing it first.

Changing your course preferences

You can change the order of your preferences – or even the courses you’ve selected – as often as you like before the closing dates for each offer round. Simply log in to your application or the My UAC mobile app using your UAC application number and UAC PIN. You can't change your preferences by phone, letter or email.

Check the closing dates for changing preferences for each offer round. You can only receive one offer per round, so re-ordering your preferences after each round may give you multiple offers to choose from.

There are short periods before each offer round when you are unable to change your preferences in your application.

Some courses have early closing dates. This means that you must have the course as a preference by the course closing date. Check the latest course information through the course search.