Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS)

Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) enable schools to recommend current Year 12 students – who are also UAC applicants – for early offers of undergraduate admission. 

The aim of SRS is to help more Year 12 students gain access to higher education, especially those students who might otherwise not be offered a place.

UAC will start processing SRS for 2014–15 admissions onwards. We'll provide a simple, single online application for Year 12 students and an online assessment process for schools.

What do schools need to do?

School principals are responsible for registering their schools. Registrations open 23 June 2014.

Read our information for schools and series of fact sheets for all the information schools need to complete their ratings.

What do Year 12 applicants need to do?

There is nothing for Year 12 applicants to do before August 2014.

In August, Year 12 applicants can apply for undergraduate study and then apply for SRS.

Applications will close at the end of September 2014, in line with the on-time closing date for applications for admission. Institutions will make their early SRS offers through UAC.

We'll give you more detailed information about the type of information you will need to provide in your application in the next few weeks.

SRS booklet

A printed SRS booklet will be distributed to schools in early August.


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