International Check & Change

Applications for study in semester 2, 2017 have closed and you cannot change your courses.

Applications for study in 2017–18 will open on Wed 2 August 2017.

Use Check & Change to change or track information on your application after you've applied. Check & Change is free and available between 7.30am and midnight (Sydney time) seven days a week.

Access Check & Change

What you can do in Check & Change

After you apply, you can use Check & Change to:

  • check and change your contact details
  • check and change your course preferences
  • change your UAC PIN
  • add qualifications to your application
  • check correspondence, including your payment receipt
  • download your Confirmation of Application
  • download your offer letter
  • upload supporting documents
  • track the progress of your application.

Checking correspondence

UAC will send you email alert messages when you have correspondence about your application. When you receive an email alert from UAC, go to Check & Change to view the correspondence, and take appropriate action. Some email accounts might place emails from UAC into your junk folder. Add the domain to your list of safe email contacts to stop this from happening. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly (including your junk emails) for any messages from UAC.

Tracking the progress of your application

By logging on to Check & Change, you can check whether UAC has received your results, finalised the assessment of your qualifications and found any issues preventing you from receiving an offer to any of your preferences. Once UAC has assessed your application, a short statement will appear under each of your qualifications and preferences. If there are no statements under your qualifications your application is still in the queue waiting to be assessed. If individual qualifications have no statements, those qualifications have not yet been processed. If you require more detailed explanations of these statements, you will be able to view qualification status explanations and course preference status explanations.

Agent services

If you're an authorised agent you can access information about your client's application, such as courses listed, correspondence from UAC and conditional and unconditional offer letters by using Agent services.

To ensure an optimal experience when using UAC's online application services, use a recent version of your browser on a desktop or laptop computer.