Subject bonuses

Information for 2013–14 admissions

Some UAC institutions may allocate bonus points in recognition of your performance in Year 12 subjects relevant to the course/s for which you have applied. These are subject bonus points.

Some UAC institutions apply bonus points if you live in, or attend school in, a designated region. These are regional bonus points.

Bonus points do not change your ATAR; they change your selection rank for a particular course or institution. As the bonus points schemes for each institution, and often for each course, are different, your selection rank can be different for each course you list in your course preferences.

You may need to have a minimum ATAR before you are eligible to receive any bonus points - check the information from each institution carefully to see if it has a minimum ATAR requirement.

Interstate students can read interstate course comparisons to find out about available subject bonuses for each state.

These institutions apply bonus points automatically:

These institutions consider students individually. Contact them for more information:


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