Bonus points

Bonus points increase your selection rank for a course. There are several types of bonus points for Year 12 students seeking entry to tertiary study.

Most institutions offer:

Each institution sets its own criteria for allocating bonus points. Some institutions require you to achieve a minimum ATAR before you are eligible to receive bonus points. Other institutions will only allocate bonus points if you apply for particular courses. Check the information from each institution carefully to see its policy on allocating bonus points.

Being allocated bonus points does not guarantee you entry to an institution or to your preferred course; you still need to meet the published cut-offs for the course and compete with all other applicants for a place in the course.

Bonus points do not change your ATAR; they change your selection rank for a particular institution or course.

If an institution allocates bonus points to you, then your selection rank for that institution or a particular course = your ATAR + bonus points. For example, Course A has six applicants and only three places available. The six applicants have the following selection ranks:

  1. 89.00 (ATAR of 89.00)
  2. 88.00 (ATAR of 87.00 plus 1 bonus point)
  3. 87.00 (ATAR of 83.00 plus 4 bonus points)
  4. 86.00 (ATAR of 86.00)
  5. 85.00 (ATAR of 83.00 plus 2 bonus points)
  6. 84.00 (ATAR of 84.00)

Offers will be made to applicants 1, 2 and 3. Applicant 4 will not receive an offer even though that applicant has an ATAR higher than applicant 3. The cut-off for Course A will be 87.00. This is the lowest selection rank required to receive an offer to Course A.